In this environmentally-conscious age, more businesses than ever are making a move to renewable electricity – going ‘green’ has never been easier.

As the owner of an art gallery, you’ll already know that electricity can be quite costly. Lighting, climate control, computers, security equipment – it all adds up. But it’s not just the cost to your bottom line, if you’ve been using standard electricity, there is also the considerable cost to the environment. Climate change is causing very real and serious consequences for our planet and the damage being done has driven an urgent need to avoid fossil fuels and curb CO2 emissions.

As businesses account for over half of the UK’s energy use, with domestic use taking up the other half, it makes sense that if more businesses, large and small, make the switch to renewable sources of electricity, the bigger the positive impact will be on the climate. And it’s encouraging that increasing numbers of businesses are taking the necessary steps towards a healthier planet by opting for renewable energy to keep the lights on.

Is renewable electricity expensive?

Renewable, or green electricity, is replenished through a variety of means such as wind farms and hydroelectric power stations. The fact that this energy does not use up the finite sources of fossil fuels means that they have no negative impact on the environment, are renewable and therefore more sustainable.

The good news is that as a result of the growing concern for the environment, and the need for businesses to be seen to reduce and minimise their environmental impact, demand for renewable fuel has increased. There are now more renewable energy technologies available than ever before, which has brought the prices down and enabled more energy providers to offer green energy. Renewable electricity no longer means expensive electricity. It is an increasingly cost-effective source of electricity which will only get cheaper as demand grows.

While there are plenty of environmental reasons for your art gallery to make the switch to renewable business electricity, the fact is that it’s also good for your business’s pocket.

How does renewable electricity benefit your business?

As climate change becomes more prominent, art galleries and institutions have a responsibility when it comes to their impact on the environment. By stepping up to that responsibility, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and directly contributing to a cleaner earth. Additionally, you will be part of the demand for more electricity generation from renewable sources – it’s an easy and painless way to make a difference.

Being known as a gallery owner that cares about your impact on the environment and who uses renewable energy sources, can greatly improve your public image. With more people looking to make more conscious purchasing choices, switching to renewable energy will give you the ability to market your business to those who want great art and who care for the planet. Making the choice to reduce your environmental impact by using renewable electricity could expose your business to a whole new market of environmentally conscious customers.

Make your gallery green

Different businesses have different electricity needs but if every business was to be more conscious of its electricity use, it could make a big difference, to both the electricity bill and to the environment.

The first step you can make towards being green is to change to a green electricity tariff. As a busy art gallery owner, it’s unlikely you’ll have the time to ring around for renewable electricity quotes, but you can always compare business electricity prices with Utility Saving Expert. We’ll help you find a competitive deal that suits the needs and budget of your business.

The next best thing you can do is take steps to reduce your energy usage:

  • Switch your offices and meeting rooms to motion-sensitive lights which turn off automatically when the room is empty
  • Close windows and internal doors when leaving the office or meeting facility to reduce the need for heating
  • Have auto-switch off for computers and monitors
  • Monitor your electricity usage and come up with new and innovative ways of reducing it

Painting your art gallery green is not necessarily the easiest option but it is the best for your bottom line and the health of the planet – there’s an art to effective sustainable efforts.

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